APLF introduces sampleroom

Join sampleroom, the only online social sourcing platform where buyers can find leather suppliers and fashion accessories / footwear component manufacturers.

Be part of a B2B networking community for the leather and fashion Industry.

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What kind of suppliers you can find on sampleroom:

The full supplier directory will be available soon.


sampleroom, a 365 brand-new social marketplace strategically designed for the leather and fashion industries worldwide will be launched on 19 April. You can search by product type, certificates, country of origin, and more from 2,000+ product showcases.


With over 250 suppliers, sampleroom is the most comprehensive sourcing platform for the industry. Connect with suppliers to start live-chats, schedule meetings, and make video calls to discuss business opportunities.


A series of webinars and campaigns will be introduced in the one-week Launching Event. Distinguished speakers and industry professionals from across the globe will come together to share their knowledge and insights on the latest trends of the leather and fashion markets.

What is the sampleroom Concept

The name comes from the sample rooms we visited over the years. Every fashion house, material producer, chemical or machinery manufacturers has its their sample rooms. It is the go-to place where designers, specifiers and producers gather to develop the next collection and review their prototypes. With this core concept in mind, APLF aimed at re-creating this experience online through our new sourcing platform – sampleroom. sampleroom is the heart of co-creation for the next hits. Are you looking for something new? Let’s visit the sampleroom.

Welcome to sampleroom!

Create your Profile Pages
sampleroom is a true social media site that allows you to create profile pages for yourself and your company. Include your company details, add your colleagues and upload pictures to showcase what you can provide to the community. Manage your personal profile to enhance your social presence and allow sampleroom users to connect with you to kickstart your partnership.

Source at your own pace
sampleroom gives you full flexibility to source, manage your projects and build connections. With time under your control, you can better plan your schedule to meet all prospects efficiently and shorten the business deal-closing process.

Select your favourites, create your wishlists
sampleroom aims to help you accomplish a seamless sourcing experience. With an extensive number of products and collections, you can simply give the product a heart or add it to your wishlist.

The only industry social networking platform
sampleroom is designed to engage buyers and suppliers via the in-platform social tools such as the community feeds and blogs. It is also a unique place to stay connected to the community.

Be part of the leather and fashion information hub
sampleroom will be the research and information hub where you can find original webinars, educational content and industry intelligence for the leather and fashion community. Be sure to check our activity schedule to join our events and campaigns.

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